Do you have your lights, your cords, and your controller boards, but you just can’t seem to get them to sequence  as good as you imagined? Are cars not lining up to watch your display, or are you ready to take your display to the next level? If so let us help!
We take pride when putting a sequence together, we put a ton of time and effort into each sequence to give it that WOW factor. We believe our videos speak for themselves! Check out our video’s to see for yourself.
Click to visit the Halloween Store

Click to visit the Halloween Store



Along with our pre built sequences, we also offer custom sequences. For pricing please send an email to and include:

  •  Channel count 
  •  Song selection(s )
  • We will also need your LOR sequence animation drawn out to better assist you and your display.


Do not have a layout yet? or looking for a new one?

That is not a problem either, we will be glad to layout your display to maximize your light count and the Channel’s of your display. For Pricing please send email to

What we would need from you would be:

  • Total # of lights strands (color, size, incandescent or LED)
  • Total Channel Count
  • A picture of your home from across the street (Must show the yard, trees, shrubs, etc)
  • A list of any and all yard items you may have that you would want in the display (i.e. 6ft chrstimas tree, snowman, arches, mega tree, etc…)